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At Garden City Discos we understand one very important thing; no two weddings are the same!  We believe that by working closely with our brides and grooms we can ensure that you are both comfortable and confident that you are in the best possible hands.  We always make sure that you are the ones in control, after all it’s your big day not ours.

In the weeks and months before your big day you are welcome to contact your DJ to discuss your plans and dreams, ensuring that by the time you get to your big day your DJ is more of a friendly face than an unknown DJ booked to just play songs.

In the final few weeks, after you have had your closure meeting with the venue we will arrange to meet up to discuss the finer points including timings for the day.  We can arrange to meet at the venue if you would prefer, thus enabling us to all consider the room layout and the way it will look on the night.  We will also work with you to prepare a playlist of some of your favourite songs, or those which you would like played for other special guests.

We ask our brides and grooms to pick between 15 and 20 songs, as well as their first dance song and one for the big finale.  We find this gives us a feel for the style of music you would like without being too prescriptive and taking away the DJs ability to work the room for you.  As important as the playlist is the ‘don’t play list’ and we assure you that if it’s on the ‘don’t play list’ then unless YOU ask for it on the night it won’t get played.  Of course if you want to leave it to your professional DJ then that’s absolutely fine, after all parties are what we do!

One of the biggest decisions any bride and groom face is the selection of their evening entertainment.  The evening reception is a big part of the day, and will be remembered for years to come so we appreciate you will want it to be just right for you and your guests.  We pride ourselves in taking the time to listen and be guided by you and your guests to ensure you have the time of your life.

To see what Garden City Discos can do for you why not give us a call or drop us an email, we look forward to hearing from you very soon.